AVS - The facts and fiction behind industry leading services

A recent product promotional post on LinkedIn got me thinking about what can be verified factually when a company posts that they offer: “industry leading” Account Verification Services...

ACRECRUIT - Tech Solutions

One of the most successful ways to recruit new staff members into your organisation is to accept and encourage employee referrals. Referrals may lead to increased risk of bias when reviewing the CV’s of referred candidates, either for or against the candidate...

ACRECRUIT - Challenges Recruiters face in SA

These problems are not restricted to South Africa. The McKinsey Global Institute did a study in 2020 which estimated that in Europe and America there would be a shortage of 16 to 18 million employees...

ACRECRUIT - Recruitement and Line Manager

As a line manager, even worse than receiving a letter of resignation is the thought of having to go through an interview cycle to replace a vacancy. Of course, as a line manager one works hard at keeping those team members who make a positive difference to the work environment, are contributors to the team and who get the job done....

DebiCheck - The Startegic Thinker

One of the critical outcomes of DebiCheck is most definitely the change in strategic thinking for all industry participants. The end game is undoubtedly the safeguarding of both creditor and debtor by combating fraudulent debit orders, rogue users and adverse consumer behaviour resulting in increasing disputes to manage cashflow...

The South African Payments Landscape in 2025

This article aims to briefly discuss elements that will play a shaping and leading role into the transformation of the payments landscape over the next 4 years. It covers key themes that must be recognised, understood, and adopted for businesses...

The Art of Proactively Managing Collections and Payment Strategies

Companies that offer products such as Funding, Telecoms, Insurance and Retail type offerings to consumers often insist that they be provided with certified copies of artefacts such as proof of Identity (ID), proof of income (Payslip), proof of residence (Utility Bill) and evidence of affordability (3 Month’s Bank Statements) prior to approving or declining a deal during their sales/origination phase...

The Art of Payment Strategies 2021

The current macro-economic landscape in South Africa has necessitated companies to dramatically rethink and reengineer their operating environments to ensure their livelihood (cashflow) remains at optimal levels..

Anticipated fraud trends for 2021

As a supplier of employee management software, we are sadly aware of some of the payroll and related fraud which takes place in business. Tough economic times mean that the temptation to commit a “small” fraud become more tempting than ever...

Secure Payslip Exchange

Fraud is an ever-increasing problem for our financial institutions. Criminals use a number of creative methods to access our personal information, and attack these and other organisations through which we do business...

The benefits of a learnership

A learnership, since it is developed by the industry, provides relevant workplace experience, a formal and nationally recognised qualification, with a stipend (for an unemployed learner)...

DebiCheck Newsletter - 20 September 2020

The DebiCheck system is an effective and commercially viable collection system in that users can collect in the early collection window, thereby ensuring a better chance of collection as opposed to collecting in the late window...

TCTS Press Release

Transaction Capital Risk Services (TCRS) is pleased to announce the consolidation of the operations of 3 of our companies into a single operating unit to be known to be known as Transaction Capital Transactional Services (TCTS)...

Transaction Capital swoops on WeBuyCars

After the Competition Tribunal blocked Naspers from acquiring a controlling 60% stake in specialist car-buying service WeBuyCars earlier this year, Transaction Capital has announced it is taking a 49.9% non-controlling stake in the company.

Accsys and CoVid – Change

When one hears the old saying “The only constant is change” none of us realized how huge that change would be. Covid-19 has shaken our working, social, religious and home lives forever...

Relevance of BI in Outsourcing Payroll

Business Intelligence in any organisation is now more important than ever before. To be sustainable in an ever-changing turbulent environment, organisations need to have access to information about their workforce...


Living at work | WFH

We have previously discussed the challenges of working from home, Teryl & Cathie share some tried and trusted tips for those who are continuing, working from home and living at work.

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Importance of story telling in sales

Neal joins Teryl to share why storytelling goes a long way in the sales process.

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Hybrid Meetings ,the new normal

Accsys Conversations with Teryl & Cathie
Etiquette for hybrid working solutions.

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Living at Work | Working from Home

How effective have we been working from home? FOGO - Fear of going out

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SARS Auto Assessments

South- African taxpayers are receiving auto assessment texts from SARS,
what does it mean and what should be done before accepting the assessment?

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Data Fabric

Data Fabric, a buzz word amongst IT professionals, what does it mean?

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Tax deductions [ Part 2]

Discussing how working from home impacts South-African taxpayers and the conditions under which one may submit a claim.

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Staff Wellness during Lock down

Teryl and Cathie speak about wellness and alleviating anxiety in the workplace.

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Tax deductions [ Part 1]

Discussing how working from home impacts South-African taxpayers and the conditions under which one may submit a claim.

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